Aaron Emmett – Entrepreneur:

Aaron has an extensive sales and marketing background across a number of industry sectors. Please feel free to connect to Aaron Emmett on linked in.

More recently Aaron has been a director of the UK’s largest strictly non gambling Poker League. In 2008 The Poker Project was acquired by BSkyB and added to the Sky Poker portfolio of businesses. The Poker Project held events nationwide and was responsible for sending several players to the Las Vegas for the ‘World Series of Poker’.

Managing events, conferences and road shows Aaron has been involved in the production of some of the UK’s largest events, including Party in the Park in Hyde Park as well as many of the MTV Hits teenage parties. In the corporate arena Aaron has delivered the Deutsche Post IPO across 24 Cities, and been integral in the production for many other major events for clients including Samsung, Audi and Esso.

Whilst acting as Managing Director of the event graphic design and software development company, Visual–I, Aaron successfully negotiated a merger with Visual–I’s largest client, Connect Spot. The new company Connection Services is now responsible for the entire Wi-fi payment technology used by all of the British Telecommunication Group (the United Kingdom’s largest land line operator) Wi-fi hotspots networks nationwide.

In 2003 Aaron was a founding shareholder of the internet shopping portal Recommended Buys. This company was profitable within the first 3 months of trading and was successfully sold 2 years after launch.

Aaron Emmett

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