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About Us

Marmalade Jams gets KIDS working towards a common goal; KIDS working at putting on events for KIDS, to raise money for KIDS, enabling them to create music for KIDS.

Marmalade Jams is a charitable organisation with a financial aspiration to raise sufficient funds to enable young talent to record music. Marmalade Jams is honoured to have the endorsement of BBC Radio 1’s Vernon Kay as the Charity’s Patron.

Marmalade Jams is an enterprise initiative that places teenagers at the helm of a real company. Marmalade Jams organises music events and parties for teenagers, the difference being the events and all business aspects are run by the teenagers themselves. Teenagers aged between 13-17 take on the role and responsibilities of the various business departments such as; Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Operations & Production, learning various skills in order to organise an event for 500 or more people. The teenagers are guided in their role by experienced business mentors and event experts.

Primarily Marmalade Jams organises music events and engage celebrity pop acts and DJ’s to headline the events, as well as showcasing younger local talent. Because of the popular nature of the events it is possible to focus the attention of the students, and Marmalade Jams use this as a medium for educational communication.

Each event is a show or party for 500-1000 young people with the possibility of annual Finale Event aimed at being a 10,000 capacity event held in London.

Marmalade Jams have an ‘All Inclusive’ approach with the student team. We embrace students from across the educational spectrum. We aim to connect with teenagers that are under achieving, or young people who may need some guidance or are on the gifted and talented registrar.

Marmalade Jams adopts an entertainment orientated medium with the aim of educating teenagers in aspects of business, managing deadlines, financial co-ordination, media, and event management whilst enthusing a sense self respect and mutual respect of others. Marmalade Jams provides a sense of achievement and increased self-esteem through the medium of events, and event promotion. The event is created by the team in a series of workshops. The team members for each event come from different local schools.

Our workshops are to be held after school and at weekends are intended to complement the school’s own curricula objectives.

As the founding trustee of Marmalade Jams, Aaron Emmett has been involved in promotion and co-ordination of events for many years, running and promoting under 18s across the country, including MTV Hits under 18’s events.

As the organiser of the events inevitably the promoters are seen to be ‘Cool’ which means on occasion we have an influence when typical teenage issues occur. This influence has been useful in tackling gang culture, bullying, racist and other teenage welfare issues that can occur.

If you would like any further information about Marmalade Jams please contact:

Aaron Emmett

Trustee – Marmalade Jams.